Jamil Ahmed recommended for award of Ph. D

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Scholar Jamil Ahmed has been recommended for the award of Ph. D in Sociology after successful defence of his research in a public defence held at Institute of Social Work Sociology and Gender Studies University of Peshawar. The topic of his research was“ Dynamics of Gender based Violence in Pakistani Schools: A study of Selected Districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa“.

The scholar in his study has found that 50% of the school students in KP are exposed to Physical (Corporal), Sexual and Socio Psychological Violence. The most prevalent of which is the sexual harassment amongst boys’ schools in KP. He added that 75% of the students do not report the event and 50% of them drop out of schools. The scholar has proved that all forms of violence in schools are counterproductive to the Childs mental and psychological development and strong policies should be enforced to get rid of it.

He concluded that persistence of culture of violence despite strong role of religion and traditional stature persisted in the society. Moreover, male had a key role as perpetrator of violence in all modes and manifestation, whereas, sexual assault were kept confidential in fear of social stigmatization. In addition media role was found passive and government has neglected approach about this vital aspect of academics at district management level.

In his recommendation the scholar has said that a vibrant policy with respect to male role containment as perpetrators of violence at school is to be achieved while special focus is to be given on students living in hostels. According to him egalitarian approach to both genders as potential threat of sexual violence is important to be realized as well. The strong liaison of the family and school on the basis of sharing the issues pertaining to child wellbeing is also needed, he concluded. Prof. Dr. Anwar Alam of the Institute of Social Work Sociology and Gender Studies was his Ph. D supervisor while Prof. Dr. Waheed Chaudry of Quaid e Azam University Islamabad served as his external examiner.


Source: The Frontier Post