Joblessness affected KP youth:CM

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The govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has accepted the offer of Karachi based Aman Foundation to launch its services in the province relating to providing health and treatment guidance facilities to the people through telephone and mobile phone as well as imparting technical education to the youth. The organization, which has also chalked out a program to train 500 youth of KP in various skills next month at its technical centre in Karachi, was asked to start its services from provincial metropolis Peshawar immediately. This decision was taken in a meeting chaired by the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak at Conference Room of Civil Sectt Peshawar. The meeting besides the head and experts of Aman Foundation was also attended by Provincial Health Minister Shaukat Ali Yousafzai, Minister Education Muhammad Atif Khan, Economic Advisor to CM Rafaqatullah Babar, Principal Secretary to CM Muhammad Ashfaq Khan and administrative secretaries and Authorities of the concerned departments. The Chief Minister, while eulogizing role of Aman Foundation for providing best medicare facilities to the people and imparting quality technical education and then employing the jobless youth, said that he wanted to encourage such facilities with such quality in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well. Chief Minister said that joblessness had badly affected our youth that was tantamount to cause more critical problems in the province. He lamented that even our coming generations would have to suffer if timely remedial steps were not taken. He said it is unfortunate that our province has fell prey to the ugly business of fake certificates and degrees due to which our youth was struggling for jobs with holding degrees of higher qualification but neither they came up to the required criteria nor they were trusted for any jobs. He said our govt wanted to rebuild the confidence of our youth and enhance their capabilities for which standard of all the organizations would be improved accordingly. Pervez Khattak further stated that the health and treatment facilities in the province were also not satisfactory the one of basic reasons of which was lack of conscious and education about health among the masses. He said that due to increasing complaints of people about ill performance of public institutions and quality service delivery in private sector, the provincial govt would try to perform the duty of effective supervision and monitoring while the private sector would be duly encouraged to ensure service delivery in all walks of life. Head of the Aman foundation told the meeting that his organization would start training classes of the KP youth in January. After completion of the training the outgoing youth would be employed in various technical institutions of the province to train more students in various skills. Quality of all such skills would be so much superior that the outgoing students would not only easily get jobs in local trade and industry but their demand would be then on rise within and outside the country. In the health sector, the Foundation would enable the callers to get free medical advices and recipes in case of any emergency aswell as approach the govt hospitals, centres and facilities in health sector in their respective areas and nearest places. 

All such advices would be given to the callers in their own languages both in voice and texts. Initially 1000 calls could be attended on the same number while all the data of the patients would be saved once for all and later the patients would not have to give details of their illness on next calls. Callers would be also informed of the facilities being provided by the provincial govt at various levels in health sector besides giving them health tips. Ambulance and mobile hospitals services would also be started by the foundation in the next phase where in focus would be given to the remote hilly and rural areas having comparatively less health coverage. The foundation upon a query of the Chief Minister assured that it would complete its arrangements of launching services within two months span positively. However the Chief Minister asked for initiating its service program much earlier to avoid wasting energies and capabilities of our people in unemployment and diseases and they become enable enough to join mainstream of national development as well as harvest fruits of progress and prosperity in the real sense.

Source: The Frontier Post.