Kausar praises role of Fata Education Foundation in capacity building of schools

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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Barrister Masood Kausar has said that the FATA Education Foundation is meant to provide quality education especially through capacity building of the model and public schools working both in the public and private sectors and there is a need to vigorously work to further accelerate the ongoing efforts in making this possible to the desired level. 

Presiding over the 3rd meeting of the Board of Directors of the foundation at Governor’s House, Peshawar on Monday, the Governor further said, efforts meant for maintenance of law and order as well as socio-economic uplift of the people of FATA have to be maintained simultaneously and indeed we have been ensuring fruitful progress in this respect. Haji Munir Orakzai, MNA and Senator Abdul Razzak from FATA also attended the meeting, besides the Federal Secretary SAFRAN, Mr. Habibullah Khan, Secretary to Governor, Mr. Abid Majeed, Vice Chancellor University of Engineering and Technology Syed Imtiaz Hussain Gilani and others. 

Stressing on the importance of the role and contribution of the foundation in ensuring a change in respect of promotion of quality education, the Governor, who is also Chairman of the board remarked “we need to encourage and patronize educational services which lead to achieve the desired objective in a rapid way. Talking on a point, the Governor said that the process for ensuring release of Rs.200 million from the Federal government meant for seed money of the Foundation should also be expedited, which has already been earmarked. 

He also urged that keeping in view the specific role and objectives of this organization, its recurring expenditures meant for administrative purposes must be maintained within the given limits.

Meanwhile the Board approved the mechanism and arrangements for auditing of the expenditures of the organization as well as minutes of its previous meetings. The Board was informed that the foundation has completed validation survey of public schools in FATA while their efforts for categorization are in progress. 

The Foundation has also arranged five capacity building courses for the teachers of model public schools working under the aegis of political administration in various tribal agencies, besides providing training and educative material recorded in shape of DVDs. The Web portal of the foundation, it was added, is also at the final torches and will be launched shortly.