Medical Expert Qualifies for PhD Degree

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Professor Dr Jamshed Ali, head of the Pharmacology Department and vice-principal of the Khyber Medical College, on Monday successfully defended his PhD thesis at the University of Punjab and qualified for the award of the doctorate degree. He did his research on “Pharmacological Screening of Hypercum and Valerian Species, Potentially Useful for Depression, Pain and Addiction.” Initially his supervisor was Prof Dr Abdul Hameed Khan, head Department of Pharmacology and Deputy Dean, Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore, who was also his supervisor in MPhil, but after his demise, Prof Dr Bashir Ahmed supervised his research. Dr Jamshed Ali joined the club of very few medical doctors having PhD in Pharmacology. Before joining the KMC, Dr Jamshed Ali served the Pharmacy Department, University of Peshawar, as a teacher of basic medical subjects. He joined the KMC in 2008.

Source: The News