Meeting of VCs committee convened without agenda

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The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has invited the vice chancellors of 75 public sector universities to a meeting of their committee on April 5 but without informing them about the agenda of the meeting.

The agenda should have been communicated to the participants seven days before the meeting.

Moreover, the VCs have been instructed to arrange their travel and accommodation from their own resources. However, the HEC has arranged the meeting at a private hotel, it has been learnt.

According to an email sent to the VCs from the HEC on March 26, the meeting would be held from 10am to 5pm on April 5. The VCs were informed that the agenda of the meeting would be communicated to them ‘shortly’. However, till Wednesday evening, the VCs had not received the agenda.

The VC of a university requesting not to be identified said: “I cannot understand what will be the outcome of the meeting because the participants do not know what kind of discussions and decisions will be made. Had the agenda been circulated among the participants, they would have prepared for the meeting. It seems that the holding of the meeting will be wastage of time and resources,” he said.

Another VC from Sindh said his university was already facing financial crisis but the HEC had asked the universities to bear the expenses to be incurred on the travel and accommodation of the VCs.

“I can afford the travel expense from my pocket but if the HEC wants to save funds it should have arranged the conference in its own auditorium,” he said.

When contacted, HEC spokesperson Ayesha Ikram said the meeting had been arranged in a private hotel for the convenience of the VCs.

“Roundtables cannot be arranged in the HEC auditorium which is necessary for group discussions. Moreover, charges of the private hall in the hotel are nominal,” she said.

During the meeting, issues related to funding for the universities and future plans for admissions, appointments and other policies will be discussed, she said.

Acting chairman HEC Syed Imtiaz Hussain Gilani while talking to Dawn said the VCs would discuss the issues of their institutions, so the agenda was not required.

When asked why through the e-mail the VCs had been told that the agenda would be sent to them shortly, Mr Gilani said the executive director HEC might have made a mistake.

The agenda is not required at all, he added.

Source: DAWN News.