Meeting on self-assessment procedure held at Peshawar University

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A meeting regarding the higher education commission, self assessment procedure was held at University of Peshawar with Dean Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences Prof. Dr. Amir Nawaz in the chair.

Faculty staff of five University of Peshawar Departments and Centres namely Department of Pharmacy, National Centre of Excellence in Physical Chemistry, Shaykh Zayed Islamic centre, Centre of Plant Biodiversity and Khyber Law participated in the event.

Addressing the meeting the Director Quality Enhancement University of Peshawar Sherinzada said that the meeting is convened to explain criteria and standards of Self Assessment Report. 

He added Self Assessment Report is a continuous process of gathering, reviewing and using qualitative and quantitative information from multiple and diverse sources, about educational programs, for the purpose of improving students learning and evaluating as to whether academic standards are maintained or not.

The term Quality Assurance has been practiced for long in the Academic World and it refers to the procedures and mechanisms adopted by the Universities to assure a given quality, said Assistant Registrar Salman Jan in his presentation.

Self Assessment Report Consists of Eight Criteria, i.e: Program Mission Object and Outcomes, Curriculum Design and Organization, Laboratories and Computing Facilities, Student Support and Guidance, Faculty, Process Control, Institutional Facilities, Institutional Support, he added.

Dean Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences Prof. Dr. Amir Nawaz on the occasion gave twenty five days time to the participants to come up with self assessment report of their respective departments.