Minister links progress with advancement in info technology

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Microsoft IT Peshawar

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Health, Shoukat Ali Yousafzai Sunday highlighting the significance of modern education said that dream of advancement and progress in contemporary world could not be materialized without giving priority to education of Science and Information Technology.

Expressing views in a program arranged by Microsoft Pakistan in Press Club, he said that development and progress in the existing scenario is directly related with the progress in the field of Science and Information.

He said that it is unfortunate that nothing practical was done in the sector of information technology adding our government would revolutionize the field with an objective to establish a welfare oriented and corruption free society.

Shoukat said that all the provincial ministers, bureaucracy and government officials would display their assets on the websites after declaration and it would be our milestone achievement for the establishment of an exemplary government, he commented.

He said that canker of corruption and militancy has adversely affected our system. He vowed to fulfill pledge regarding transforming the system and eradicate social evils for the welfare of a common man. He said that there is no dearth of resources rather a dedication to use them for the betterment of people.

Health Minister said that major challenges of the provincial government are militancy, peace and elimination of corruption, the government is capable to meet the challenges in an effective way, he maintained. Referring to the sector of health, he said that in the handsome amount of Rs 22 billion, eight billion rupees have been earmarked for upgrading of existing facilities in hospitals. 

He said that we have initiated the change by reducing the expenditures of Chief Minister and Governor House by 50 percent. He urged public and media to extend favor to the welfare policies of government and pave the way for establishment of a healthy society.