Moot on youth development held “Step Up Youth”

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Speakers at a seminar “STEP UP Youth” held in UET Peshawar talked about the youth leadership, innovation and idea commercialization.

The Seminar was organized by National Youth Assembly Pakistan in collaboration with ASHRAE UET society. The guest speakers were Ahsan Hamid Durrani, Youth Governor KP and Shahab Hussain, Youth information minister. Mr. Jaseem, President ASHRAE received the guest speakers.

Addressing the seminar Ahsan Hamid Durrani said, “the policies and legislations are formulated for the future of the youth and their inexistence in the policy and decision making is unfortunate. The Youth today should be aware of the current state of political and social affairs in Pakistan.”

He quoted many past successful leadership models and highlighted their hard work for the greater good of the nations. Pakistan is among those countries which are investing a very little in the education of their youth and the quality of education should be raised, he added.

Shahab Hussain engaged the audience in different learning activities through his unique style. He presented the life stories of different unsung heroes of Pakistan. It was a well attended and a fruitful seminar.