Naila Shamal Safi asks books worth Rs100,000 as Haq Mehr

Naila Shamal Safi
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While many believe books are the best company one can ask for, a bride from Mardan has now proved the same. Named Naila Shamal Safi, asked her husband for Rs100,000 worth of books in the form of Haq Mehr.

Safi is an ardent writer who is currently pursuing her Ph.D. Her enthusiasm for books has left many startled while motivating others to read more. In a now-viral video, Naila had said, “There’s inflation everywhere that makes such leisure as purchasing books, expensive. Secondly, the reason why I asked for books instead of your regular money, jewellery requests is because we need to break all kinds of stereotypes attached with it.”

She continued, “Being a writer myself, I asked for books because how can we expect people to value books when we ourselves aren’t? So, this tradition can benefit in the future, value our advice and add to self-worth and knowledge.”However, netizens on Twitter are not having it as the bride sat bejewelled in gold while speaking otherwise.