Negligence of doctors, student loses eye-sight

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A resident of Mardan, Muhammad Humayun Khilji, has asked the concerned authorities to take action against the doctors for their negligence has risked the life of his daughter.

Khilji, father of Fatima Muskan Khilji, 8th grade student, during a press conference at Peshawar Press Club (PPC) on Wednesday said that due to the negligence of doctors at Shifa International Hospital his daughter is struggling for life now.

Narrating the issue, he said that his daughter developed severe head ache and vomiting problems in the third week of January and was fetched to Lady Reading Hospital-Peshawar. Later when his daughter health further deteriorated she was admitted at Al-Shifa International Hospital wherein Fatima was operated for head-surgery by Dr Inayat Khan and his team.

“Upon no-improvement in the condition of Fatima, Dr Inayat (head of Nero-Surgery Department) suggested another operation after lapse of five days of the initial head-surgery”, said Khilji adding that upon the second surgery the doctor said that there was no serious matter but a slight infection causing the problem.

The child (Fatima) was discharged from hospital but on reaching home she developed again severe health problems, added Khilji and said that, “this time another MRI was carried out of the child in the same hospital and the results showed a tumor developed”, and the same doctor (Inayat) suggested for putting the girl under another process of treatment.

Khilji said that after repeatedly comes under treatment and going through head-surgery Fatima is now faced with losing eye-sight and has also memory lost problems now. Khilji said to go to sue to doctor concerned, if concerned authorities remained silent on the issue.

Source: The Frontier Post.