NGO accused of supplying low quality shoes to Bajaur schools

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Taking strong exception to the ‘fraudulent practice’ by an NGO titled Poverty Eradication Initiatives (PEI) for providing substandard Shoes for the schools in Bajaur agency, the Education Department FATA has rejected the supply of the same finding the shoes far below the standard guaranteed by the PEI.

According to sources in the Education department, as per the MoU signed at the Governor’s house in July 2011 the NGO PEI had agreed upon providing good quality imported brand new two hundred thousand pair of shoes for the students of various schools in Bajaur and Khyber agency.

However, contrary to the agreement, the first trench of 4000shoes provided by the NGO provided for schools in Bajaur agency was found to be of low quality.

The Local administration of the Education department in Bajaur agency complained to the FATA secretariat that the students and the teachers at the Bajaur schools altogether refused to accept the shoes being low in quality. As per the PEI a single pair of shoes was estimated at UD dollar 45 which if converted to Pakistani currency costs Rs 4725.

Consequently, the Education Department FATA has directed to stop the distribution of the shoes among the students in Bajaur agency forthwith. It was also learned that the matter was also brought into the notice of the Governor Khyber Pukhtunkhwa in meeting held on 31 December 2013 where in the worthy governor has expressed his great displeasure over the substandard supply of the shoes to the students in Bajaur agency.

The Directorate of Education FATA has also apprised the Secretary Education FATA about the issue and recommended action against the said NGO.

Source: The frontier Post.