Old Islamian makes model of alma mater

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Professor Abdul Kabir, 72-year-old resident of Mardan, had dreamt of presenting a rare gift to his alma mater, Islamia College Peshawar, on the occasion of its centenary celebrations.

To exhibit his respect and love for the historic institution, he made a cane model after spending almost one year.

Now, the old Islamian wants to see it displayed at the Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan Hall of the college.

A member of the college administration told Dawn that the model would be brought to the campus in a week or two.

He said provincial Governor Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan would be invited to unveil the model during a function, where old Islamians and notables would be in attendance.

The administration member said first, it was planned that the model made of cane would be put up on a revolving stage, but later the idea was dropped due to its huge structure.

‘The model will be put up on a static stage and will be covered by a glass sheet so that visitors may not damage it,” he said.

When contacted, Mr Kabir said it was his cherished dream to present an unforgettable gift to his alma mater during its 100th centenary celebrations and that the day was not far off when the dream would be fulfilled.

“I am an amateur artist. I have already made few cane models but this college model has brought me real excitement as it reminds me of my young days at Islamia College,” he said.

The 7×11 square feet model will be brought on a trolley to the College’s Roose Keppel Hall, where it is to be displayed for public view.

It was due to be displayed on campus in October last year at the end of the centenary celebrations but some delicate work on it hampered the plan.

“I believe my dream has almost been realised. Now, I just want to see it displayed at the magnificent Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan Hall. That is my last desire,” he said.

The old Islamian said the reason for taking pains to make the model was unflinching love and respect for Islamia College, which had produced countless personalities in every field serving the nation and humanity at large.

He said the making of spiral stairs along with railings on top of the model was the most difficult job.

“No job is tough when you put your heart in it. Difficulties become trivial when you counter them with passion and love. The model is Taj Mahal to me,” he said.


Source: Dawn.