One-Day training workshop for the students of Department of Computer Science, University of Peshawar on IEEEXPLORE and Digital Library

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With a view to increase the access to the scholarly literature for Institutions in Pakistan, the Higher Education Commission has launched the Digital Library program in 2004 with the collaboration of INASP (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Program). The INASP has a program called PERI program (Program for enhancement of Research Information), through this program, the Public and private sector universities in Pakistan have access to the international scholarly literature based on a wide range of disciplines i.e.:

1.   Full Text Electronic Journals        2.         Full Text Electronic Books

3.   Electronic Databases                  4.         Open Access Resources

In order to promote the usage of the Digital Library program is to maximum utilization of the electronic resources available to the University of Peshawar on various subjects. For maximum utilization of the available resources One-Day training workshop was organized in the Department of Computer Science, on December 19, 2013. The workshop was jointly organized by Central Library and Department of Computer Science with the collaboration of IEEEXPLORE. The participants of the workshop were the students (Bachelor level, Master level and M.Phil, Ph.D Level).

The training was focus on the quiz organized by Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). IEEExplore is a powerful resource that enables discovery and access to scientific and technical content published by the IEEE and its publishing partners. IEEExplore provides online access to millions of full-text documents from some of the world’s most highly cited publications in electrical engineering, Computer Science and Electronics. The quiz competition was among the students of the subscriber universities of Pakistan. This quiz for Engineering and Technology is a new initiative designed to promote scientific excellence in the research fraternity of Pakistan within IEEE fields of technology. The quiz is also designed to inspire innovation and encourage Pakistani students to discover new research and cutting edge ideas via the IEEE. The quiz was launched because it was felt that the students lack awareness on these valuable resources in most of the universities. The publishers had also noticed that most of the searches were directed to them through Google which meant that no guidance was being given to the students on these resources.

The main aim of this training workshop was to provide training on the use of electronic resources available to the university, it also provide direction to students which is lacking as far as the research is concerned. This kind of training will make the students of our university the better researchers of tomorrow.

Resource Persons

1.         Tahir Jan (Assistant Library, Central Library, University of Peshawar)           

2.         Muhammad Rashid Pervez (A & J Publishers Islamabad)

3.         Kashif Ali (A & J Publishers Islamabad)

4.         Majid Lodhih  (A & J Publishers Islamabad)


At the concluding session of the training workshop Dr. Saeed Mahfooz, Chairman Department of Computer Science, briefed the students about the importance and usage of the IEEE and its computer society. He further stressed the need for getting memberships of the IEEE and also briefed about its importance for the students and staff and said that in near future we want to open IEEE Computer society chapter in department of computer science university of Peshawar. This will bring lots of funding and good projects and expose students to the outside world and will bring enormous benefits to the department and to KP computer science students at large.

At the end he thanked Tahir Jan (Assistant Library, Central Library, University of Peshawar), Muhammad Rashid Pervez, Kashif Ali, and Majid Lodhih  of (A & J Publishers Islamabad). Finally he tanked Dr. Azhar Rauf, Assistant Professor for his assistance throughout the workshop. 

Source: UOP Official Website.