Palestinian Struggle against Zionism to continue till attainment of physical Map of 1947: Ambassador

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The struggle of people of Palestine against Zionism to continue till the attainment of area under control as existed in 1947. The world`s largest occupation, continued for almost six decades would ultimately come to an end if the Muslim countries around the world unite for this joint cause of existence, said Ambassador of the State of Palestine Walid Ahmad Mahmud Abu Ali while addressing seminar on, “Palestine Struggle Against Zionism and the Statehood”, held at Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Hall University of Peshawar.  

He said Israel is pursuing with a mission of removing all signs of Islamic history from Jerusalem and is not giving the right to residence, education and clean drinking water to Palestinians. The building of segregation wall and expansion of settlement by Israel through the help of armed forces have divided local Palestinian community, while around four thousand are in their illegal custody, he added.

This is the reason that today around seven million Palestinians comprising 2/3 rd (two-third) of total population and living as refugees in their own country and abroad.   The Ambassador criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his non seriousness in the peace process and manipulation of events in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

Let me pay my heartiest thanks to the people and Government of Pakistan for supporting the Palestinian cause over the years. I also take pride in the fact that up till now forty five thousand Palestinian students have graduated from various higher education institutions in Pakistan.

At this juncture I want to tell my Pakistani brothers that as far as external threats and image problems are concerned, to me Pakistan and Palestine have the same problem world over, he opined.

Walid Ahmad Mahmud Abu Ali termed the Arab spring as a step for weakening Arab countries and strengthening the ones like Israel. Please be clear that parachuting democracy will not help the Arab world. Democracy might be good but for those countries only, that have the natural liking and knack for the same. He urged the Muslim world to unite, press their for their cause and prosperity in the comity of nations.  

Pakistanis are emotionally linked with the people of Palestine for their struggle and right of self determination. He added November last year marked a very good beginning for the Palestinian brothers when it was given the status of a non member observer status in the United Nations.

The problem of Palestinian agonies are not linked with Israeli aggression only, but is because of a huge number of Zionist Christians who support Jews and create hurdles in the way of marginalized people of Palestine, said the Vice Chancellor.   

Earlier Chairman Department of Political Science and host of the seminar Prof. Dr. A-Z Hilali welcomed the participants and discussed the objectives of the event. The seminar was attended by Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Naeem ur Rehman Khattak, faculty members and good number of students.