Participants of declamation contests for persistent endeavor in daily life

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Girls speakers in the declamation contests organized by Frontier College for Women Peshawar stressed for persistent endeavor in every segment of daily life as lethargy and slackness leads to horrendous affects on the future of a nation.

A total of 18 student speakers from various colleges all across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa took part in the contests held in the Pashto language with the top Che Khub de Begamey Ke Sa Dualat Mundaley Na Da (mean those who are use to lethargy and slackness) cannot achieve their goals in dialing life.

Director Pashto Academy, University of Peshawar Miss Salma Shaheen was the chief guest on this occasion while Mrs. Nilofer and Miss Naeema of the Pashto Department acted as judges. 

Principal of the Frontier College for Women Professor Dr. Durr-e-Shawar, teaching staff, college students were also present and responded well with their cheering hands. Besides Pashto, the College organized English, Urdu declamation contests as well.

The winner of the contest Miss Kainat said that the scenario of the current world clearly depicts that the development and advancement of the nations is attributed to their hard work and dedication to achieve their goals. She said that a prominent and respectable position among comity of nations could not be achieved without giving sincerity and commitment a preferred engagement in their schedule.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Salma Shaheen, Director of Pashto Academy lauded the efforts of the girls’ students who underlined the need of dedication and commitment toward life. She said educated women can play due rule in the country progress and that is why she advice the students to keep due attention to their students besides participating in other co-curricular activities and sports.

She said women are half of the country’s populations and education is indispensible for bringing them in the mainstream of the national building process. She also underlined the importance of mother language Pashto.

She said Pashto is spoken by 25 million people, and is divided into plenty of dialects, of which southern, western and northern groups are the widest. Pashto is closely related to Pamir languages, with one significant phonetic feature. The nations who forget their languages and traditions could not make advancement in any field, therefore, she stressed the girls to take it as subject because of its current scope around the world.

Earlier, Miss Salma Shaheen gave first prize to Miss Kainat of Frontier College for Women, Miss Tehreem of FCW got second, Salma of GGC, Nowshera took third position while Rahila of GGC, Gul Shan Rehman got fourth position respectively.