Pashto peace mushaira held in Landikotal

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Khyber Student Federation and Khyber Adbi Jirga jointly organized a Pashto Mushaira on Friday in which dozens of poets from different regions of tribal and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa participated.

The Mushaira was named on the defense day of 6th September, Defense day of Pakistan which was paid a warm tribute to the national heroes. Despite the unstable situation in Fata a large number of students, tribal elders, journalists and civil society members participated in the Mushaira.

Poets from young generation presented their Pashto ghazals and verses demanding peace in the tribal regions and all country and stressing peace in Pakhtun areas. National Anthem of Pakistan was also played during the event and all the participants and guests stood in respect of National Anthem.

Israr Atal, a well known Pashtu poet and broadcaster was the chief guest on the occasion who also presented his favorite Pashto Ghazal. 

Speaking on the occasion, Israr Atal said that organizing such events will bring close the young generation and Pakhtun to each other. He said peace and development could be brought through getting education. “We can achieve all goals of development and peace through education”. He said.

Famous Pashtu poet Muntazir Shinwari, Nisar Afkar, lecturer Tawab shinwari, Daal Mohammad Delsoz (disciple of Baba-e-Ghazal Hamza Shinwari),Luqman Shinwari, Niamatulalh Aseer presented their ghazal urging peace for their areas.

It may be mentioned here that such healthy event held in Landikotal after years which should be promoted for maintaining peace and development on the area.

Source: The Frontier Post