Peshawar Public School and College management seeks action against ‘troublemakers’

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Management of the Peshawar Public School and College has asked the government and higher authorities of the Education Department to take notice of the illegal and unjustified activities of some staff members who are allegedly creating problems for the management.


In a statement, the management said after bifurcation of the institution into boys and girls sections, some female staff members were creating problems because they were not happy with the decision.


“The teaching staff had been availing the facility of free transport but at the same time they are claiming conveyance and house allowance despite the fact they had rented out their houses. Their children are also availing free transportation,” the statement said.


Since the institution is not getting any government grant and is generating funds on its own for meeting the expenditure; that’s why all the illegal allowances were stopped in the institution’s interest, which infuriated a few teachers out of the 89 staff members who started a false propaganda against the management.


Principal Nadeema Hashmat said some staff members used to make phone calls through public representatives to harass her. She asked the government and authorities of the Education Department to take notice of such illegal activities of the “pressure group” and discourage the elements causing damage to the institution and save the future of its more than 3000 students.


She vowed not to succumb to the pressure of some vested interest and said that hopefully the authorities concerned would extend her support in running the college affairs.

 Source: The News