Primary schools in Fata to start 2nd shift

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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Engineer Shaukatullah has ordered to introduce 2nd Shift in primary schools, where required in FATA; make environment in schools attractive for students and involve tribal elders especially the parliamentarians and lungi holders in educating the people to get their children enrolled in schools. “There should be zero level possibility for a child left out of the primary schools and even solid initiatives should also be taken to attract children and their family members who have been avoiding educational facilities because of poverty in FATA”, he added.

While evaluating pace of progress on the ongoing steps to improve enrolment process in primary schools of FATA on Thursday, the Governor has further directed that the ongoing measures in this connection must be further geared up to make the 8th September; the International Literacy Day, a prime occasion for furthering the cause. Since, he remarked, the Enrolment Campaign will be continuing till 11th in FATA, therefore, the offices of Political Agents both in tribal agencies and frontier agents must be fully mobilized besides the Education, Health, Forests and other concerned departments of FATA Secretariat to make sure that each and every child and their parents are fully realized the importance of education and join hands with the government in its efforts to make them benefited in true sense. The Governor has specially called the Secretary Education, FATA Mr. Muhammad Abid Majeed who is also his Principal Secretary to up-date him about the prevailing state of working of the respective circles in this respect. Referring to future requirements for establishment of new educational institutions in FATA, the Governor also pointed out that the fact that 32% of primary schools both for boys and girls are over burdened while rests are suffering the dilemma of under utilization because of certain technical reasons especially being situated being located at far away distance from respective populace is in itself a great matter of concern. While continuing with the efforts to ensure optimum utilization of public assets as well as establishing new educational institutions, steps should be taken to even start 2nd shift in girls schools for boys and vice versa in boys schools too where required. The entire process of promoting enrolment in primary schools of FATA, the Governor said, must be public symbolism in form of active and wide participation of both public and their representatives from cross section of the society especially the journalists as well as business and trade communities in FATA.

Talking on another point, the Governor said, since the requirement of Form-B has already been relaxed till 11th September in FATA, therefore all such incentives including provision of gifts, sports activities and public gathering oriented events should be widely publicized even through traditional means of announcements locally. Meanwhile, Mr. Muhammad Abid Majeed briefed the Governor about salient features of the achievements as well as future course of actions to make the ongoing campaign for enhancement of enrolment in primary schools in FATA a real success.

Source: Frontier Post