Principal Zeb says dead girl was given CPR; classmates deny

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Maria Ayub PeshawarThe principal of Jinnah College for Women, Peshawar, Neelofar Zeb, was adamant that things did not happen the way the college friends of the girl, Maria Ayub, who died of a heart attack in college, are stating. Talking on the phone, she said she was on her way to college when she received call from her chief proctor that a girl had cardiac arrest. Miss Zeb said she immediately called the college transport in charge and directed him to take the girl to hospital and that she would be waiting for them at the square near the Vice Chancellor Guesthouse to join them. She said she followed the vehicle carrying the girl to the hospital. She also said that the girl had died within minutes of the heart attack while in college and that the chief protector had informed her of it but she ordered that the girl be brought to the hospital, in spite of that. 

The principal also said that there was duly appointed trained nurse employed in the college for such medical emergencies and the nurse when informed of the situation checked and found that the girl had died. 

There is a mystery around the nurse too. The friends of the deceased girl say that while the woman who took the pulse was a certified nurse but nevertheless she was appointed as Bio-lab assistant, moreover, she is not a practicing nurse. 

The friends also claim that the said person also did not perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), which is necessary and a routine procedure when a person stops breathing because of cardiac arrest. 

The principal, however, insists that the CPR was performed. 

The girls lead by the dead class fellows friends also demanded that the students should be trained in first aid to be able to act immediately in such emergencies in the college. They said that the said situation precious minutes were lost and while sick person was dying, they were running around to find the person who could help. 

The girls had planned to hold protest over the incident but the principal had shutdown the college as such the protest rally did not take place.