Protecting students: ISF protests alleged sexual harassment

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The Insaf Student Federation (ISF) on Monday protested against the alleged harassment of female students by male staff and faculty members at University of Peshawar (UoP).

The protest was led by ISF Provincial President Sohail Afridi, District President Shahid Khattak and University Campus President Asif Bangash – a large number of students participated. The group marched from the Political Science Department to the Administration Block, shouting slogans against teachers and the university.

Protesters also entered the Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management and are said to have ransacked the building.

However, while talking to journalists, Afridi maintained the protest remained peaceful. He added the rally was taken out to raise a voice against the harassment of women. Such behaviour is now routine and students are afraid to report it, claimed the ISF leader.

“We treat all teachers with respect but if these acts do not stop, we will disclose names of the teachers involved and continue protesting.”

The Pakhtun Students Federation also protested against the issue, later in the day.

Meanwhile, UoP spokesperson Akhtar Amin denied the allegations of sexual harassment and said the university has not received complaints from any student on this matter. A committee, under the supervision of UoP Chief Professor Dr Marajul Islam, will investigate the incident and take action against all students involved in ransacking the CDPM building, added Amin.

Source: The Express Tribune.