Reconstruction of 106 schools

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 Provincial Reconstruction Rehabilitation and Settlement Authority (PaRRSA) has completely reconstructed 60 schools till date, along with additional 41 schools reconstructed by Pakistan Army with the financial support of United Arab Emirates and five by the NGOs in Malakand Division. A spokesperson for the PDMA-PaRRSA Latif Ur Rehman said here on Friday. Reconstruction of schools by PaRRSA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are in different stages of completion in Malakand Division. PaRRSA has expedited the process of reconstruction of destroyed schools during militancy in Malakand Division. As many as 181 schools were completely destroyed in Malakand Division during militancy of which 117 were being reconstructed with the financial support of the USAID. He said, these reconstructed schools by PaRRSA are equipped with all required furniture and laboratory equipment. Schools bags are distributed amongst students in operational schools. These schools are built on the modern architectural lines to facilitate children for better learning environment including library, computer laboratory and science laboratory. These schools are models for other educational institutions in the region.


Rehman said, In reign of militancy, many health facilities along with other infrastructure were destroyed or damaged. 4 BHUs were destroyed in SWAT including Chongi Shamozai BHU, Mian Kaley BHU, Nazar Abad BHU and Kishora BHU, while in Buner Region Topai BHU was completely destroyed.

Source: The Frontier Post