Reserved assembly seats demanded for youth

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Youth governor, National Youth Assembly KP chapter, Ahsan Hamid Durrani has demanded quota/ reserved seats for the youth in the provincial and national assemblies.

Talking to media persons on Sunday, he said that after the increment in the reserved seats for minorities in the legislative assemblies, the youth segment of the country has also raising questions of their representation in both the houses in order to get connected with real politics.

He further added that the youth comprised 65% of the population and their rights should not be neglected anymore. “The youth representation can highlight the issues and problems on the assembly floor in a proper and systematic manner,” he suggested.

The youth governor mentioned that today’s youth was entangled in the matters including unemployment, drug addiction, lack of career opportunities, financial crisis and other social problems. A mechanism should be devised for the representation of the youth in the assemblies and only youngsters, ranging from 18-30 years, should be allowed to contest for the election of the reserved seats.

Durrani also added that youth ambassadors should also be appointed in different countries to help identify basic problems of the youth abroad and bring those issues on the assembly floor to help out the solution.

He also suggested that parliamentary and political courses should be made compulsory on secondary level education and youth directorates should be established in every city of the country.