Rs3b allocated for education institutions in 2013, 14 ADP

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After the destruction of education institutions in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) during the war against terrorism, around 03.6billion rupees have been allocated for rehabilitation of missing facilities, reconstruction and establishing new schools in 2013, 14 Annual Development Programme (ADP), an official of education directorate FATA said.

Talking to The Frontier Post, Additional Director Planning and Development Education Directorate FATA, Hashim Khan Afridi informed Monday and saying officials of education department had prioritized to fulfill missing facilities in education institutions and a large number of amount from ADP to be spent on it.

During the ongoing uncertainty in tribal belt, educational institutions were greatly suffered as compared to other departments as 1054 education institutions are still close, to be opened, Hashim Khan further said. He revealed that three colleges will be established from recent ADP in FATA in order to address tribal people’s grievances.

He further informed that 38 middle schools would be established in entire tribal regions so that to increase the number of middle schools to facilitate students. However, Mr Hashim Khan stated that 125 primary schools would be converted into middle schools in 2013, 14 ADP and three female hostels would also be built for female teachers come from out stations.

In 2013, 14 ADP, 03.06 billion rupees have been allocated for rehabilitation of old schools and constructing new education institutions in tribal areas, additional director further informed.

According to Hashim Khan Afridi, who confidently replied the question that at least 480 education institutions across tribal belt have been destroyed with bomb blasts while other sources in education directorate negate the above information and saying as many as 1010 education institutions have been devastated.

He claimed that 155 primary schools have been constructed completely hitherto and adding additional classrooms to be built in current schools in ADP. After the massive destruction.

It is worth mentioning here that more than 1000 education institutions in tribal regions are still without the basic facilities of lantern, water, electricity and boundary walls and in most schools students in open sky are reading.

Source: The News.