Rusticated Blind Students Seek Action

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Students of the Blind School Friday asked the government to take action against the officials of the institution and Pakistan Blind Association for rusticating them from the school without any reason. Speaking at a press conference, Qari Mohammad Ibrar, Arifullah and Amin Gul said the school administration had expelled them from the school and registered first information report against them for raising voice for their rights.They demanded the provincial government to remove the principal of the school and president of the association. Principal of the Blind School, Younas Afridi, told The News said the two students were supported by some outsiders to disturb the peaceful education environment of the institution.He said a few weeks ago, the two brothers had brought some outsiders to the school function in which adviser to the chief minister Dr Mehr Taj Roghani was the chief guest.“The outsiders used abusive language at the function and tried to sabotage the event. The adviser directed us to conduct an inquiry into the incident,” he said.

Source :The News.