sacrifice: Schools to remain closed for three days to mourn slain teachers

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Members of the All Teachers Association protested in front of Hangu Press Club, condemning the killing of three teachers in Kach Bandha on Monday. They also announced a boycott of polio drives in the district, citing deteriorating law and order.

Led by a senior teacher, Amjid Ali, the teachers chanted slogans against the murders and announced a three-day mourning period in the district.

Ali stated all schools in Hangu will be closed for three days. The policies of the provincial government and district administration are the root cause behind murder of teachers in the area, he argued.

Teachers had been receiving threats by unidentified militants but still continued their mission of spreading knowledge. Ali added the teachers had informed the district government about the threats, however, no security was provided to them.

In his address, Ali claimed no teacher in the district would participate in future polio drives as the district government had failed to provide them with proper security.

“Enough of our colleagues have been killed by militants; we cannot sacrifice more.”

He demanded the government compensate the families of the victims through the Shuhada package.

Hangu Deputy Commissioner Syed Ahmad Jan visited the press club to negotiate with the teachers. While talking to the media, he said an application had been sent to the provincial government which stated the teachers were killed by militants. It has been suggested their families be provided with the Shuhada package which could amount to Rs4 million for each teacher.

Source:The Express Tribune