Scholar Minhas Majeed Recommended for Award of Ph. D in International Relations

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The topic of her research was, “Evangelicals Influence on US Foreign Policy: Impact on Pak-US Relations (September 2001-November 2007)”

The evangelicals (Protestants True Believers) in the US have a significant influence on the US foreign policy, especially after the 9/11; therefore they have a far reaching impact on the US relations with the outside world and particularly with Pakistan since September 2001, said Ph. D scholar Minhas Majeed during her public defence held at Department of Internationals Relations University of Peshawar. This has brought visible changes in Pakistan`s political, economic and social spheres since, she added.

The scholar was of the view that the main point in understanding Evangelical faith is that all aspects of its influence on the US foreign policy, whether political or religious, are interrelated. She added since 2001 they have profoundly influenced politics in US by manipulating religion. The situation went to a level that presidential candidates used/ played with religion as a major tool in campaign and the same was as major decisive factor in their victory. This added to the growing Islamophobia prevailing in the west and endorsed the Evangelicals stance on the Islamic extremism in the Muslim world, particularly Pakistan.  

Pakistan, being an ally in the current situation, stands distinct in the US foreign policy. It is the only Muslim nuclear country and, hence, is seen as vulnerable to extremists’ activities and there is a fear that its nuclear weapons might fall into the militant hands, as viewed by Evangelicals, she said.

She evaluated that various Evangelical social and religious based organizations are working in Pakistan after 9/11 for the promotion of interfaith harmony or otherwise. 

Prof. Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi, Vice Chancellor Gomal University D. I Khan was external examiner of the scholar. Prof. Dr. Taj Moharram, Chairman Department of History University of Peshawar served as her Ph. D supervisor while Director Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies Prof. Dr. Miraj ul Islam Zia was her co- supervisor.