Students Enjoy Fancy Dress Show at UMS Peshawar

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A fancy dress show at the University Model School (UMS) proved a blessing for the students who enjoyed every bit of it and felt it was leisure time from the otherwise hectic lessons at school and subsequent homework.

Wearing frocks and wings and other dresses, girl students from grade-1 to grade-5 took part in the competition that has now become a regular feature at the UMS, University of Peshawar.

The students rehearsed for the function for the past two days to put up an impressive show, said Ms Nagina, a teacher, who prepared them for the show. Students enacted comic skits showcasing the importance of education and conveying message of peace in these trying times. Parents also appreciated the effort.

The enthusiasm displayed by students aged 5-10 was praiseworthy. They showed confidence mainly because of their teachers at the biggest girls’ school of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “We organise these programmes every two months to inculcate freshness into the minds of students of lower classes which remained burdened with load of studies,” she said.

Parent’s response is instrumental in holding these events regularly, she said.

Another teacher, Ms Rozina who is also a trainer, said that without parents’ participation these programmes couldn’t have been possible. She said that parents bought the desired costumes for their children and encouraged them to participate in extracurricular activities.

Not only colourful dress shows, but funfairs, annual day celebration and other such functions are also organised to provide entertainment to the students of primary, middle and high grade students as part of an effort to embolden the students and instill confidence in them for meeting future challenges, she said.

A panel of judges, including Shahnaz Abdullah, Ms Zahida and Ms Robina, adjudged and give away prizes to the best performer at a two-hour programme and the winning students.

Students who performed said they eagerly awaited the event. Ms Sameena Khursheed, Ms Fauzia and Ms Saima, other teachers involved with the students in fancy show, said that these programmes enhanced the students’ intellectual capacity and most of the performers at these shows happened to be good academically too.