Targeting education: String of blasts brings boys school crumbling down

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A government-run boys high school was destroyed in Doaba, Hangu early morning on Saturday when six bombs planted at the building exploded.

The total number of explosives planted at the site was 10, out of which four were defused by the bomb disposal squad (BDS). The explosions caused the entire structure to collapse, injuring a security guard at the premises.

An official of Doaba police, Islamuddin said residents in the area of Siyal Talab in Tora Warhi panicked as a result of the consecutive explosions at the school building which occurred around 4:30am in the morning.

Initially, the police were unable to ascertain the site of the blasts, however, patrolling policemen who passed by the school building later reported the building had been completely destroyed, shared Islamuddin.

Upon receiving the report, police officials rushed to the site and cordoned off the building. “We fear the bombs had been planted as an attempt to target BDS and police officials,” added Islamuddin.

Not so sweet slumber

He revealed the watchman identified as Momin Khan was asleep in one of the rooms, when the explosions caused a wall to collapse on him. Islamuddin said the watchman of the school was taken into custody and shifted to Thal Hospital.

“His duty was to be aware of any trespassers, however, his negligence allowed militants to enter the building and plant 10 explosive devices.” The official added the investigation will be taken forward as soon as the watchman’s statement is recorded.


According to the initial investigation by BDS in charge Asadullah, unidentified militants had planted 10 high-intensity bombs at the building of which six were detonated using a remote control.

“Four bombs were defused by BDS officials,” Asadullah reported back to the police. Among the bombs defused, two of the devices had 15 kilogrammes (kg) of explosives each whereas the remaining two were each packing 13 kg of explosives.

None of the students attended any classes after the building collapsed. While some classrooms are still standing, the impact of the explosion left cracks in the walls leaving them susceptible to collapse.

Source: The Express Tribune.