Ubaid ur Rehman recommended for Ph. D in Chemistry

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Scholar Mr. Ubaid ur Rehman has been recommended for the award of Ph. D in Chemistry after successful defence of his thesis in a ceremony held at the Institute of Chemical Sciences University of Peshawar. The topic of his research was, “ Investigation of Anti-Hyperlipidemic Hepato-protective and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Taraxerol Acetate“. The Scholar is his defence found that all the three mentioned disorders co- exists and influence each other in many diseases and syndromes, including diabetes, liver cirrhosis and heart disease. 

He added that a class of drugs called Taraxerol Acetate, which is a bioactive natural product of pentacyclic triterpenes group can be used for effective treatment of hepato-toxicity, hyperlipidemia and inflammation. 

Source: The Frontier Post