University of Peshawar professor speaks in Hamdard Shoora Seminar.

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Director Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam presented his paper in Hamdard Shoora seminar at Peshawar Garrison Club .

His topic was “ Outdated and Class-oriented Educational System in Pakistan: An Obstruction in the way of Development”. He said that Curriculum, Teachers and Educational management are basic pillars of any educational system but all these three are suffering from severe problems. Our curriculum is redundant and unable to fulfill requirements of the new era. Our ideological identity, national integration and economy are neither at risk as the existing curricula neither contribute in qualitative nor in quantities terms. The role of teachers is phenomenal in any system but their current performance is far from satisfactory. Substandard teachers education in Institutes of Research and Educational Colleges, violation of merit in recruitment, political interference in posting and transfers and absence of meaningful monitoring and evaluation mechanism are some of the reasons for their poor performance.

Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam said that much is required to improve the present educational management. He said that apart from these three components, patronage of political leadership and ownership of society is all the more important for education. He said that government needs to spend required resources on education. He asked the society to change its attitude towards education and finance it generously.

Giving his recommendations, Dr. Fakhr-ul-islam stressed the need for making education as top priority of national agenda, revamping of curricula, adequate allocation of funds to education sector, improving the lot of teachers and launching of pro-education campaign among the masses. His speech was followed by numerous questions asked by the participants.