UoP scholar reads out paper in AWKU national seminar

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Director Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar, Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam read out his paper on “Sectarianism in Pakistan: Causes and Remedies” in a National seminar was organized by Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan. 

The main theme of Seminar was “Governance Issues in Pakistan”. 

While giving a perspective of sectarian issue, he said that Pakistan witnessed exemplary sectarian harmony from 1947 till late 1970’s. 

However, after the General Zia era and Iranian revolution in the last leg of 1970 decade, situation started deteriorated. 

The desire of Iran to export revolution to nearby countries led to preemptive acts by the States who felt threatened by that menace. 

The 1980 decade witnessed formation of a number of militant organizations belonging to both sects. 

The Iran-Iraq war also contributed to escalation of sectarian clash in the region. 

Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam said that the post 9/11 developments boosted the sectarian strife further. While suggesting remedies, he called for a national consensus and political will for eradication of mutual hatred. 

Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam proposed various measures to be taken by the Government and society at large. At the end, he responded to various questions raised by the audience.

Source: The Frontier Post.