Varsity teachers protest against attacks on Gaza

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Federation of All Pakistan Universities Teachers Association (FAUTA) of University of Peshawar on Thursday staged a protest in campus against Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Protesters led by the president of the federation Dr Sahib Islam held banners and placards with slogans against Isreali and US President. A number of teachers and students belonging to all four universities participated in the protest. 

The protestors said that Isreal was continuously terrifying Muslims in Palestine and thousands of innocent Palestinians had been killed so far. They added that the so-called human right activists and champions of democracy had not said a word to resent the heinous acts of the Israelis. They criticized UN for their blind-eye approach toward Isreali offence which had left hundreds of innocent Palestinian citizens dead in the current attacks. 

The speakers demanded that the leaders of Muslim countries unite against the brutal attacks and pass resolutions in General Assembly against such acts.