Violence on campus: Clash leaves student ‘clinically dead’

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A student was pronounced clinically dead following a clash between two groups at University of Agriculture (UoA) on Tuesday after which four students were arrested.

According to the university’s administration, a scuffle took place on Monday between two students over a girl. However, the administration did not involve the police in the matter and tried to resolve the dispute on its own.

“We had decided to resolve the matter today,” a lecturer at the university informed The Express Tribune. However, before they could mediate, students took the matter into their own hands. “Two groups, who were possibly friends of both boys, opened fire at each other,” the lecturer said.

Another student, who was passing by and had nothing to do with the issue, was also critically injured when a bullet hit him in the head.  He was rushed to Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) where he was declared clinically dead. He has been identified as Altaf Alam, a final semester student at the department of entomology.

According to the university administration, Alam was the son of Alamzeb, a serving member of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and lived in Tehkal. When contacted, Fazlur Rehman, muharrar at Campus police station, said four men were arrested whereas the others remain at large. A case has been registered against the accused on the recommendation of the university’s administration. He added the university has been closed for an indefinite period. Meanwhile, the university’s administration plans to vacate the hostel.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 22nd, 2014.