‘We’ve got your bag’: Government to provide free books to students up to intermediate

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The total provincial budget for elementary and secondary education has been estimated at Rs73.68 billion for fiscal year 2014-15 against last year’s revised budget of Rs64.59 billion.

The education budget makes for 28.83% of current revenue expenditures while education allocation has increased by 14% compared to the previous fiscal year.

According to the white paper submitted by the government, a 132% increase in non-salary budget, with total estimates for 2014-15 standing at Rs7.9 billion, has been undertaken.

The government has allocated Rs1.75 billion for 100 seminaries that will be given the status of primary schools and Rs1 billion for the Rokhana Pakhtunkhwa Programme which will assist deserving and talented students presently not enrolled in schools at the union council level.

The districts of Kohistan and Torghar, with nominal female literacy rates, will see an increase in enrolment of girls in schools with Rs240 million.

An allocation of Rs2.5 billion has been made to provide government school students with free curriculum books while the Iqra Faroogh-e-Taleem Voucher Scheme, a programme to help needy students, has been allocated Rs500 million.

In order to award outstanding students of matric and intermediate, Rs360 million has been allocated under the Stars of Pakthunkhwa Programme.

In a bid to promote education in far-flung areas, female education supervisors will be given a special allowance and Rs25 million has been allocated in the budget for this purpose.

A scholarship programme initiated last year for students of grade six to eight in seven districts of the province will be extended to class nine and ten this year, for which Rs200 million has been allocated.

A staggering Rs2 billion has been allocated for construction of boundary walls, toilets, provision of electricity and drinking water facilities in schools while a Chief Minister’s Endowment Fund has been established with an allocation of Rs500 million.

Moreover, an allocation of Rs100 million has been made to monitor the performance of government schools across the province.

Primary schools

There are 91,102 government primary schools in the province on which Rs33.4 billion will be spent, including Rs29.8 billion as salary expenditure and Rs3.6 billion as non-salary expenditure.

Middle, high and higher secondary schools

The number of middle, high and higher secondary schools stands at 92,101 on which Rs35.91 billion will be spent, including around Rs34 billion on salaries and Rs1.87 billion on non-salaries.

Higher education, general colleges, archives and libraries

Separate from the elementary education, the budget for higher education, general colleges and archives and libraries has been estimated at Rs7 billion, compared to last year’s revised estimated budget of Rs5 billion.

Source: The Express Tribune