Workshop on Dairy Science Park to be held in 2013

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Second International Workshop on Dairy Science Park, DSP-2013 will be held in on November 18 to 20, 2013 in Agricultural University, Peshawar.

The workshop is the continuation of DSP-2011, which was held with the cooperation of the Extension and Research wings of the Livestock and Dairy Development, Pakistan Veterinary Medical Association and Livestock Trainers and Consultants.

Talking to APP, Dean, Faculty Animal Husbandry and Vet Sciences, Professor, Dr. Subhan Qureshi said that the DSP-2013 will focus on developing the indigenous livestock resources to help the farmers in raising their income and provide high quality animal products for human consumption at reasonable rates for local market and export purpose.

In human foods, he said protein is the most important part which they get from animals and plants. 

The most appreciable thing in the animal protein source is the animal protein factor which the plant protein does not contain and that is why the nutritionists always emphasizes on the use of animal protein to avoid the fatal deficiencies. In Pakistan meat is available from cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, fish and poultry. Livestock being a large sector of life still our protein consumption is below requirements.

He said that according to World Health Organization (WHO), the protein requirements of a healthy man are 56g (75 Kg) and of woman 48g (64 Kg) and it increases during laborious work or pregnancy and baby nursing. Per capita availability in Pakistan is declining due to price hike and high growth rate of population.