another entry in the E-Commerce industry
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Share on whatsapp is another entry in the e-commerce industry of Pakistan. Pakistan’s e-commerce industry is booming, Experts predicted Pakistan to Become USD 5 Billion eCommerce Industry by 2020.

The world of e-commerce has recently emerged and progressed at an astonishing speed in Pakistan with many new and existing organisations, businesses, and customers. With 18,960,037 internet users (2012) and increasing with rapid speed, Pakistan would be the next billion dollar industry for investors. is a Peshawar based e-commerce online store founded by Salman baig and co-founder Mujahid. They have recently set up their office in Peshawar and would be extending their services to other cities soon.

Offering a variety of products, from smartphones to cameras and laptops, yet they are adding new products. Although it is a startup and very young for it’s competitors but Salman being in the tech industry, have potential to make it a success for his career.

Grand Opening of the Site is next year on 1st of Jan, 2016.