Difference.PK – the enhanced look of Pakistan

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Our nation has now taken the true flight towards development and economic growth. Pakistan is seen among the countries which will be counted in some of the world most developed countries very soon. The citizens are interested and honest to their duties more than ever. People are trying to achieve success somehow and then give back to their nation. Youth is taking part too, the young generation is coming with enormous ideas and having startups in various fields.

In brief, Pakistan is on its way to prosperity, but we need to show it to the world. We need a platform that can tell people about the milestones we achieve every now and then. We need to tell the world what Pakistanis are doing and how are they making their way to the top. People should know how what our country has in it and what it can produce.

For this reason, Difference.pk is a startup initiated by 5 students from Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar. They tell about their startup as

Difference.pk is an initiative stepped to show the enhanced look of our beloved Pakistan. We aspire to keep people updated about the trends in Pakistan, Developments taking place, individuals inspiring us, achievements making us proud, places appealing to be seen and the nation stepping upwards.

This idea rolled into our minds and each of the co-founder has put his best to upgrade it even more. Each of us is of the idea that too many things happening around us in Pakistan which people don’t know should be put to the world same as all other developed countries do.

Difference.pk is a startup of WETHEWORKERS and there will be more coming with distinct ideas both for our nation and the citizens.”

The team beyond Difference.pk is

  • Aqil Amjid
  • Julian J Minto
  • Anas Khattak
  • Asghar Awan
  • Haroon Zaki

All of them are from IM|Sciences, Peshawar and are enrolled in BS Software Engineering. Their Aim is to put more of Pakistan to the world and showcase all the happenings of our nation which are not given too much exposure but are very important and meaningful.

Difference.pk is a very good initiative taken for the betterment of Pakistan. We should be visiting it often and share it with our citizens so that people could take benefit out of it and know more and more about their nation.