Submission Guidelines for theKhyber Journal

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theKhyber Journal PeshawartheKhyber is Peshawar based Online Educational Journal published monthly.

All work submitted to theKhyber must be the property/work of the submitter. Owner of work retains all rights to work and allows theKhyber the right to publish said works. theKhyber reserves the right to pull works if for any reason they are found to have violated the submission guidelines.

We at theKhyber in the freedom of expression and will accept most work that we find to be creative, well-written and artistic. Exceptions to this are works that contain extreme levels of profanity, pornography, and racist material that does not have an eye towards the teaching of tolerance. If you are unsure whether your work is acceptable or not, sends it to us and we will look it over and let you know. Remember you have nothing to lose by submitting your works. Submission is not a guarantee of publication.

Submissions Guidelines

 Please keep submission under 1 piece of work per month or 2 pieces of poetry. Because we at theKhyber has lots of pending works from various authors, we cannot guarantee that we have time to read more than 1 pieces per writer per month or 3 pieces of poetry.

 The reason for this restriction is to make sure that each person that submits to us gets a fair chance to have their work reviewed in a timely manner by our staff. And please be realistic in your 1 submission/3 poetry submissions.

 Please route all work through the appropriate email address. Misdirected email submissions may result in delays or in work not being reviewed at all because it never reached the appropriate staff member.

 Our new submission period starts on the 5th of each month and concludes 5 days before the same month.

 Art must be tasteful. Nudity is acceptable as long as it is not pornographic or degrading. Art must also meet the general submissions guidelines above. Art depicting local culture should be preferred.

 Photographers can submit their work (3 pictures/photographer), the management will decide the best submission to be publish.

 Poetry must be artistic and emotive, avoid submitting funny poetry.

 Students & contributors who are interested in making tutorials on various topics can submit their work along with screen shot.

 One can submit about 3-4 quotes (collection from various authors)

 Students can share their problem in institutions, courses or any situation they are facing from the management. (The name of the student shouldn’t be disclosed without his/her permission)

 You can submit the above mentioned particulars (Articles, Quotes, Stories & Poetry) in 3 different language (English, Pashto & Urdu)

 The submission will be reviewed by the editors of specified language; and will be forwarded to the management for publish.