Fata adhoc lecturers demand regularization

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Adhoc lecturers of the province and Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (Fata) on Saturday held a protest demonstration against their non-regularization of their job at Sher Shah Suri road opposite Cantonment Railway Station.

They threatened that if they were not regularized they would launch a series of protest demonstration including protest sit-in outside Chief Minister’s House and observing of hunger strikes.

Dozens of lecturers of different colleges of settled and tribal areas were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans regarding their early regularization, the protesters were shouted full throat anti-government slogans.

They were led by President Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Adhoc Lecturers Association (KPALA) Qazi Zafar Iqbal, General Secretary Ihsan Dawar, and President Fata Lecturers Association (FLA) Amjad Afrid.

They informed media that in 2011 and 2012 more than 34,000 candidates appeared for the lecturer post of different colleges in the province in which 520 including 120 female lectures were successful and appointed in various colleges across the province.

They said that provincial government had made a promised with them that they would be regularize but after one years the government did not regularize them which injustice with adhoc lecturers.

They lamented that their salaries had been stopped for the last two months but despite it they performed their duties.

They were highly qualified and gold medalists and appointed on purely merit basis they added and said that servants of others departments had been regularized but they were ignored in this regard for the last three years.

Subject Specialists stage protest: Expressing grave concern over delaying tactics in the implementation of notified four point agenda regarding their promotion, All Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Subject Specialist (AKPSSA) took a protest rally from Saddar to Peshawar Press Club.

Holding placards inscribed with different slogans in favor of their demands, the protesters gathered at Sher Shah Suri road opposite Cantonment Railway Station and shouted their full throat slogans against the government.

Salar Islam Tariq, president of AKPSSA who was leading the demonstrators said that on first July 2012 education department had issued notification for their promotion from BSP 17 into 18 but still they were deprived. 

He maintained that there was no service structure for Subject Specialist (SS) for their timely promotion therefore there should be a service structure after every four years. He informed that more than 3000 SS were performing their duties throughout the province.

In the four point agenda, he said that according to the formula 50 percent from grade 17 to be promoted to 18, 34 percent BPS 18 to be promoted to 19, 15 percent scale 19 to be promoted to 20 grades and only one percent of grade 20 to be promoted to next.

He warned that if their demands were not bring into practice they would hold protest rallies at districts level. However, he appreciated provision of service structure to his junior colleges posted in 14 and 16 scales.