Steps to Remember for ETEA

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01Have full confidence in yourself. You are the one who will qualify this test.

02When you get admission into your first year of premedical, then make it habit to listen attentively each and every lecture of the science classes and try to make notes on it.

03Make a good habit to study regularly. This habit will be fruitful when you will qualify the test.

04Try to memorize each and every line of your books of sciences.

05Start working on your English from first year. For this purpose only try to read regular newspaper.

06Don’t waste your precious time of first year and second year in practing MCQs. Just focus on your board exam because board marks are of great importance. They are added as 60 percent in final aggregate.

07After giving second year board exam and after practicals start preparing for the test. Don’t take tension about it in 1st and 2nd year and don’t even think about it. Your time for preparing for it comes after practicals of second year. Mind it!

08Make a study plan for yourself in the practicals of second year.

09Try to understand the chapter and then read it for several times and after you have gone through the chapter do its exercise and after doing that practice MCQs of ETEA and PREETEST.

10Don’t be too hard on MCQs. Practice MCQs for the sake of practice, not for the sake of learning. Don’t learn any mcq because mcqs don’t come for MCQs Books. They are based entirely on your Courses books. If you follow this step results will be fruitful.