ETEA Top 10 Position Holders for 2016

ETEA Top 10 Position Holders for 2016

ETEA Top 10 Position Holders for 2016   Top Ten: 1st: 581 2nd: 575 3rd: 565 4th : 533 5th: 531 6th: 525 7th: 518 8th: 509 9th: 508 10th: 505 Marks Stats No. of students: 500-599: 12 students 400-499 : 112 students 300-399 : 601 students 200-299 : 1853 students 100-199 : 5261 students […]

Date Extended for Engineering Entry Test 2016

UET Merit List Toppers 2016

Date Extended for Engineering Entry Test to 4.07.2016 The most established Engineering University in Pakistan, University of Engineering and Technology (UET), is as yet going extremely solid and is routinely creating top experts of the nation in different fields through its extraordinary showing techniques and instructive quality. Set up in 1921 by the British Government, […]

KMU ETEA Test for Dental/Medical Colleges 2013

Important Instructions 01You will need to have a vaild Email Address. If you dont have an email account already please follow these links to create one for yourself. You can use email address of your parents/guardians as well if you dont want to create an email.If you want to create email follow any link from […]

ETEA Test Downloads (Instruction & Model Paper)

Instruction Sheet for Medical & Engineering (English) Instruction Sheet for IMSciences (English) Guide For Students Sample Questions (Medical & Engineering) Instruction Sheet General (Urdu) Pink Answer Sheet Application Form for B.Tech Entrance Test 2012 Application Form for Centers of Excellence (Seetle)

UET Peshawar Online Registration & Payment Details

You are eligible to appear in the UET, Peshawar, entrance test if:  You have done Part I or Part II of intermediate examination.  (However, for admission to UET, candidates must score, over 60% unadjusted marks in intermediate, irrespective of the percentage of Part I intermediate result and score of entrance test result.) Candidates, who have […]

How to attempt ETEA test

NAT NTS Test Filling Method

Students are requested to bring the following on the day of the test Admit Card (ID Number) provided by the respective Institutions / ETEA. Thin Tip Black Marker (Dollar Sketch line marker) Clip Board to hold the Answer Sheet. Your ID.Number (Roll No), Name & Test Form (Paper Version A, B, C or D) is […]

Test day preparation

How to prepare for the test There is no magical formula. Only rational considerations will genuinely help. You would be familiar with most of those considerations now that you have been writing tests and examinations for over 12 years ! Some generalizations, however, are useful to be reminded of. Some are listed below which are […]

Warnings for ETEA

Simply if you will attempt 200 and got 150 right and 50 wrong you will get 550 marks,got 140 right and 60 wrong you will get 500 marks. Be aggressive while solving the test. The more questions you solve,the high you will score. Don’t listen to the techniques of your friends before the test.Just follow […]