Tips for ETEA

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  1. Practice MCQs for the sake of practice not for the sake of learning.
  2. Don’t panic if you don’t know.Just try it through educated guesses.
  3. You will know only 40 percent of mcqs which will be hundred percent confirm to you rest of them will you solve through educated guesses.
  4. If you will go through only 100 percent confirm question you will be failed to qualify. Try to go through the question which you are 50 percent confirm.
  5. Go for the choice which comes first into your mind. Don’t go for second one.
  6. Don’t study before two days of the test. Try to relax yourself in these two days. If any thing is left just leave that. Don’t take tension about it.
  7. When the test will be given to you start with the name of Allah.
  8. On the day of test dont be panic to see the crowd there. All of them are not there to qualify it. Only 30percent will pass the test.
  9. Don’t listen to your friends in these days. Try to completely isolate yourself.
  10. Read your books as much as you can because most of the MCQs are from the book. Take this point very seriously.
  11. Don’t be defensive in attempting questions
  12. Don’t be afraid of negative marking.
  13. Don’t leave any question
  14. In the second go try to attempt all of them. Do educated guesses on all of them.
  15. First go through each and every question and attempt the easy ones first. Leave the difficult ones or which are to be solved
  16. Don’t be confused that after your first quick go you attempted less no of mcqs
  17. Try to understand topics of sciences in first year and second year.
  18. Don’t practice too much MCQs. Only practice ETEA and Preetest because MCQs which come in the test are of the pattern of these books
  19. Don’t go for academies or short cuts because there are no short cuts for it.