Warnings for ETEA

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  1. Simply if you will attempt 200 and got 150 right and 50 wrong you will get 550 marks,got 140 right and 60 wrong you will get 500 marks.
  2. Be aggressive while solving the test.
  3. The more questions you solve,the high you will score.
  4. Don’t listen to the techniques of your friends before the test.Just follow the above techniques.
  5. Give only 40 seconds to every question.Practice for time management which is the key to success.
  6. At last trust your brain and confidently solve all the MCQs and most important dont be afraid of wrong guesses.
  7. Try to attempt maximum question whether you have topped the board.
  8. While doing the test dont mark your self.Your aim should be attempting 200 MCQs.
  9. On the other hand if you only attempt 100 confirm MCQS you will get 400 marks.