What does it do?

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Initially, the ETEA was established to undertake administration of Entrance Tests for admission to Engineering and Medical institutions of the province in place of external testing agencies. However, the scope of activities and the objectives for the ETEA were broadened much beyond the Entrance Tests as stated in the Ordinance. In short, it has to catalyse reforms in the examination and testing systems, impart training on these endeavors and extend the use of its electronic facilities to other institutions to bring in objectivity, transparency and efficiency.

ETEA conducts Entrance Tests for:

  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa University of Engineering & Technology and the
  • Medical & Dental Colleges of the Province. 

In addition, ETEA also conducts Entrance Tests for:

  • Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar
  • Working Folks Grammar Schools
  • Literacy Department
  • Peshawar Public School & College
  • City University Peshawar
  • Scholarships for Centers of Excellence both for FATA & SETTLE Students 
  • Edwards College, Peshawar