CSS exam preparation

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For students, who intend to prepare without the help of academies, studying at a library can be of benefit due to the availability of reference material, books, and national and international journals. Also, the chances of distraction are quite low in this case and the environment makes the library a sound place to study.

A few weeks before the examination, students tend to study for at least 5 hours a day though some can average 8 hours per day. Group study can also be of benefit for friends who intend to take the examination together.

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Students must identify their weaknesses. Those from villages or cult sacks, tend to be weak in English and a generous amount of time must be devoted to mastering their English abilities. Since the compulsory courses must be taken, students must master those compulsory courses which they have had trouble understand previously as well. Most students, from well establish schools tend to lag at general knowledge and current affairs courses and must gain tutorial help from teachers or books to remove such hindrances. Most students who have taken the exam in the past have recommended the Doggar’s ISSB Guide and Dogar’s AD or SI Guide.

When to start preparing for CSS examination?

It may be a fair strategy to begin preparation for the compulsory courses first. Sometimes, the lesser the time available for preparation of the exam the better the chance of success, the reason being the to-the-point study, accessing only the relevant topics and syllabus thus concentrating on the most important and likely questions when the time frame is short and limited. Also, as previously mentioned, the exam can be given thrice by an individual. Hence, if he/she feels that the time frame is short for preparation, they can always give it again, the next time more equipped with the necessary details of the exam, its format and proper allocation of time.

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