Ineligibility Conditions of ISSB Test

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Candidates falling in any one of the following are ineligible to appear in the ISSB tests:

  1. Those who do not fulfill the academic qualifications advertised by respective services headquarters.
  2. Those found medically unfit.
  3. Those who have been twice Screened Out.
  4. Those who have been twice Not Recommended by ISSB.
  5. Those withdrawn from any training academy on disciplinary ground or found unsuitable.
  6. Those dismissed from government service on disciplinary or unsuitability grounds.
  7. Those dismissed from Armed Forces on disciplinary ground or being unsuitable.
  8. Those convicted in the court of law.
  9. Any candidate who appeared in ISSB within last 4 months.
  10. RECOMMENDED candidates are ineligible to appear for the tests of any course for one calendar year starting from the date of recommendation at ISSB.