ISSB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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01How many candidates are selected out of a group / batch?
No definite number or limit is laid down about the selection of candidates out of a group/batch. If all the candidates in a group / batch come up to the required standards, all will be selected, Likewise, if no-one comes up to our standards none may be selected from a particular batch. Therefore have faith in your abilities and put in your best in each test you undertake.

02What happens if I become sick or get injured?
Free medical facilities are provided to candidates at ISSB. We try our best to ensure that you do not fall sick or get injured during your stay/tests.
In case of severe injury or illness you will be taken to Combined Military Hospital for the treatment. You may also get admitted depending upon severity of the injury or illness.
If you have missed complete tests due to illness or injury, you will be considered as “Withdrawn” and your chance for ISSB tests will not be counted.
If you have appeared in the ISSB tests but have missed a portion of GTO’s tests or interview then it is likely that you are considered as “Not Fully Boarded”. In this case also, your chance for ISSB will not be counted. The condition of “not to appear at ISSB within 120 days” will not apply to you if you are declared ‘Not Fully Boarded’. Therefore you can appear as soon as you are well and fit.

03Does prior coaching / training has any effect during ISSB tests?
We discourage candidates to undergo coaching for the reasons that it hinders the spontaneity of an individual. Candidates who undergo coaching present a stereotype behavior that hides his/her originality. Besides, coached candidate are prone to becoming single tracked.

04Is there any difference in the assessment system for the three services?
No. The assessment system for all three services is the same. However in order to suit the requirement of services, for few courses, the candidates are tested in two dimensions i.e. Psychologist Tests and Interview only. But there are no variations in the technique of these tests.

05Can I appear for ISSB tests for two services in the same half of the year?
Not Exactly. You can appear in ISSB for any course if following is complied with:
You can not appear in ISSB within 120 days of your last appearance.
You have not exhausted your two chances for appearance at the ISSB.

06Are there any concessions for the Female Candidates?
There is no difference in selection standard, but there are some variations in the tests and field events. Female candidates are normally tested in two dimensions plus (psychologist tests, interview and some of the GTO Tasks) except for those applying for GD (P) or CAE who are tested in all tests of three dimensions i.e. Interview, GTO Tasks and Psychologist Tests. Please remember that such arrangements may change when service requirements demand so.

07If I am recommended from ISSB, does it mean that I will definitely be selected and be instructed to join the academy?
Generally true but not always correct. ISSB only recommends the candidates for various courses but final merit list is prepared by the concerned services only if number of recommended candidates is more than the vacancies for that particular course. In most of the cases a candidate recommended by the ISSB makes his/her way to the academy but it may not always happen. Your name may not appear in the final merit list and thus you may not be called for the training.

08What is the period of validity of Recommendation of ISSB for a particular course?
If you were recommended for a particular course but not included in the final merit list and you want to re-appear in the ISSB for the same or any other course, then you can only appear after one year from the date of your previous recommendation of ISSB; as it is most likely that your name is already included in the waiting list for the next serial / batch of that course.

09I can not come for the tests, can my test dates be delayed?
It is very much possible that the test dates mentioned in your call letter concide with your other examinations of some other institutions. We always tell our candidates to immediately inform us of such possibilities and write to us by post for an adjustment which in most of the cases is made. Please inform us immediately if your test dates concide with some other examination that you are taking. You are required to send us an application by post and also send us copy of your examination schedule as a proof. Please remember that ISSB is not bound to call you again. Re-call is only issued when it is clearly established that your reason for not appearing was based on solid grounds.

10I did not receive my call letter but I have seen my call on the website, what should I do?
You call letter is issued some 20 days in advance to the actual date of your tests. It is a rare possiblity that you may not receive your call letter at all. If you have seen your name in our online callup database then you should take a print out of the same page which shows your name and report for the ISSB. The concerned ISSB staff has been instructed to accept the same as a call and let you in. Please remember that you must be in possession of other educational documents required from you to be eligible for the tests.