PMS Syllabus

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The Syllabus and standard for the Competitive Examination for the Provincial Management Service shall be as under:

  1. The Examination shall include compulsory and optional subjects, and every candidate shall take all the compulsory subjects and opt for three of the optional subjects carrying 600 marks in all but not more than 200 marks from a single group. 
  2. A candidate shall answer the language papers in the language concerned. The question paper in Islamiat is to be answered in Urdu or English. All other papers must be answered in English. Violation of this instruction shall incur cancellation of the concerned paper(s) and consequently award of Zero. 

The compulsory and optional subjects and maximum marks fixed for each subject shall be as below: 

  1. English (100)
  2. English Essay (100)
  3. General Knowlege (300)
    1. Current Afairs (100)
    2. Every Day Science (100)
    3. Pakistan Affiars (100)
  1. Islamiat (100)
  2. Viva Voce (300)

Total : 900

The non-Muslim candidates will have the option to take Islamiat as a compulsory subject or otherwise Pakistan Affairs (General Knowledge PaperIII) will be treated of 200 marks and counted in lieu of Islamiat. A candidate who fails to appear in any of the compulsory subject will not be allowed to appear in the remaining papers of the examination. 

No candidate shall be summoned for Viva voce test unless he has obtained at least 33 percent marks in each optional  subject, 40% in the each compulsory subject and 50% marks in the aggregate of the written portion of the Examination. 

No candidate shall be considered to have qualified the examination unless he also obtains at least 40% marks in Viva voce. Failure in or absence from Viva Voce shall mean that the candidate has failed to qualify for appointment and his name will not be included in the merit list.

Download Now!. You can download complete syllabus of all subjects for PMS (KPK Public Service Commission) from this link