Once More Went Off My Calender Year

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Once More Went Off My Calender Year

Some Silent Needs, Some Violent Deeds

Became History In The Diary Fair, Some Salient Thoughts Colored 

My Life Some Fearing Griefs made Them Wipe

But The Best Of Them is Still in Choice


That Think of Past Is Non of Wise

The New Year have New Expectations

That End of Chapters And New Representations

A New thing To Think , A new Way To Link

A Clear Sky to Fly A louder Voice for Cry, A Good Life To Save A Perfect way 

To Behave The New Year is New On All his Aspects, But The Immoral Acts that Excepts

And A new Morning To Wake Up , For The Brighter Future To Take Up

I Welcome This New Year  Scene, I Am Hopeful from Two Thousand Thirteen

Afraz Ahmad Hoti  
Mardan – KPK