Hafiz of Shiraz, Rahman Baba remembered in Pashto Academy

Speakers at a day-long seminar held at the Pashto Academy here Thursday paid rich tributes to great Persian poet Hafiz Shirazi and popular Pashto poet Rahman Baba. In his address, Prof Rasool Jan, the Vice-Chancellor University of Peshawar who presided over the event, said there were similarities in the poetry of Hafiz Shirazi and Rahman […]

Working class hero: Layaq Zada Layaq given Presidential Pride of Performance

Layaq Zada Layaq

With his message of equality, the writings and ghazals of Layaq Zada Layaq are never far from the lips of the common man. The renowned Pashto poet and writer received the recognition he richly deserved when he was awarded the Presidential Pride of Performance this Pakistan Day for his contribution to Pukhtun literature. Layaq has […]

Pakhtunkhwa Education Conferance

This event is organized with an aim to “eliminate ignorance and illiteracy in Pakhtun” on the eve of “International Mother Language Day” (21st February, 2015) Pakhtuns have often been in a state of anarchy due to internal uprisings and foreign interventions. They lagged behind in almost all spheres of life including education. Some Pakhtun rulers […]

How to right Pashto in Photoshop

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=640306129393170 This video covers how to write Pashto text in Adobe Photoshop with full features(layer styling). You can design rich & HD posters, Facebook covers, banner, websites and panaflex after watching this video. There are 42 fonts available to download and use in Photoshop with Pashto Phonetic Keyboard and a sample PSD file. If you […]

My Heart Bleeds Pashto

I have escaped impassable mountains of tyranny
I have crossed vast seas of forced silence
And I am home!
My mountains have risen to welcome me
My rivers have shed tears of joy
My land and I have become one again!
I have reached my people!
And my heart,
The heart that bleeds Pashto,
The heart that blushes at the mention of Ghani,
Has conquered death!
I am serenity.